‘Moderate’ Labour MP interviewed by police over ‘hate-incident’ pamphlet

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28/08/2017 by socialistfight

Mr Mann investigated by police for hate crimes against Travellers but not by Labour. As the complainant observation if it said “Jews” and not “travellers” instant action would have resulted.


John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire, is perhaps best known for his boorish confrontation with a bemused former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, which was filmed by a camera crew that just happened to be nearby.

mannJohn Mann during his confrontation with Livingstone

Mann, a vocal opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently had to eat public humble pie after Labour’s ‘Corbyn surge’ in the General Election. He remains no friend of the pro-Corbyn independent media, having hilariously compared the editor of this publication to ‘a Russian gangster’ in a Daily Mail article published at the end of June.

He also has a controversial history, having called after the 2015 General Election for huge cuts in benefits and tight controls on immigration, making Labour’s lead in the polls for its clear anti-austerity stance an uncomfortable fit for the right-winger, who has been an MP since 2001.

Now the…

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