Pat Brain veteran British born Canadian/British Trotsky Rests in Peace by Anthony Brain


12/02/2017 by socialistfight

I didn’t know Pat personally but encountered rgw family when I was in the ISG and developed respect for their principled stances, whilst not agreeing with everything. But their sincerity and contempt for opportunism was beyond question.


Pat Brain was born on November 3rd 1935 in Aston, Birmingham. He lived to 81 because he build up a great immune system from having Phenomena from 2 to 3. What kept him alive was being a popular enternatneer in World War 2; and becoming a really convinced Socialist/Trotskyist when he was 21. Pat was one of the most kindest; wittiest; intelligent; and incorporate everybody except the super-rich who have to be overthrown. He believed the Soviet Union could crush Nazi Germany. Mr Birch his head-teacher at Sacred Heart School said he was destined to great things. An indication of this was that Pat knew Washington was the capital of the United States As a tenor singer he inspired the Birmingham civilian population to ease the psychological terror of Nazi bombing. Due to reading mass moods in Aston he knew the Labour Party candidate Woodrow Wyatt would be elected at…

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One thought on “Pat Brain veteran British born Canadian/British Trotsky Rests in Peace by Anthony Brain

  1. Marian Brain says:

    Pat was a principled man who fought for democracy inside the revolutionary left and the labour movement. He argued that if we were going to construct an organisation capable of overthrowing capitalist then it had to allow proper democratic debate. It was a battle that we had to have on more than one occasion. He was a socialist, and believed that it was important to fight sexism in all it forms. On returning the UK in 1966 he was surprised just how sexist the revolutionary left was in Britain and starting to argue for women liberation and to change the language.


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