Report of Momentum National Committee 28 January 2017

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01/02/2017 by socialistfight

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Ed's Unison national Local Government SGE BLOG

Momentum National Committee Meeting 28 January

This is a short report from Ed Whitby and Tracy McGuire the two Northern Regional Delegates elected at our 6 December Regional Conference.

Approximately 20 committee members in attendance at the 28 January National Committee with a number of apologies. There were also over 30 observers mostly from London though also a number from further a field. With apologies it seemed that approximately half the the National Committee supported this meeting going ahead including members from FBU, RL and LRC, LGBT+, Disabled, Womens and Black Connexions and the majority of English Regions sent all or some of their National Committee representatives.

The day began with general discussion on the political landscape, by election and the Labour Party situation introduced by Matt Wrack (Steering Committee member) then there was an open discussion including discussions  around migrant rights, freedom of movement and racism, LP structures and…

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