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27/12/2016 by socialistfight

A history in which I participated centrally. Contratulations to the comrade, or comrades who have undertaken this task. I do know how painstaking it is. Gerry Downing

Splits and Fusions

cover.jpgAs mentioned in a previous post, the Workers International League was a prolific publisher of pamphlets through its Prinkipo Press imprint.

These included reprints of classic texts such as Sergei Malyshev’s How the Bolsheviks Organised the Unemployed Roman Rosdolsky on Lenin and the First World War, Christian Rakovsky’s Roumania and Bessarabia and Trotsky’s What Next?

Also commentaries on the contemporary left such as the Crisis in Militant or the Socialist Alliance and strategy towards the Labour Party. Also two texts by Jack Gale originally written whist a member of the WRP- his account of the 1944 police raid on the RCP. and a document on the WRP and the Revolutionary Situation

We have nine pamphlets in our collection. If you have any other WIL / Prinkipo Press pamphlets not in our archive, please let us know!

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