After Brexit: Keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs

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30/06/2016 by socialistfight

The article is certainly a step forward from the position of rs21 on the referendum as was the flyer for the East London anti racist demo and sponsoring that demo too was real progress.

But still it is far too diplomatic, downplays the Lexit errors and fails to evaluate the forces on the left who voted remain to counter the obvious racist chauvinism of Brexit. In the CP place it is necessary to name names. The Morning Star / CPB led the Lexit campaigners with the RMT, the bakers and ASLEF. From opposing RACIST immigration controls way back in the days of Ted Heath Ted Grant also has made that CPB formulation their own. That amounts to political support for racist immigration controls because as we have just seen there is no other kind of immigration controls.

And that brings us to British jobs for British workers. That wasn’t simply Gordon Brown’s racism. It was borrowed from the fascists’s arsenal, it was embraced by Derek Simpson in the infamous Daily Star photo with two models hanging on his arms. And the Socialist Party’s support for the ‘local jobs for local people’ was as bad if not worse. The SWP were generally better on this before eventually capitulating. And that is the problem with the SWP, its gross opportunism. From welcoming the fall of the Berlin Wall to supporting rebels in Libya and Syria and Ukraine who were backed by global imperialism and never accounting both the SWP and the SP are pro imperialist when it seems a majority of workers are swept along by war propaganda. The SP generally grosser here but the SWP get there in the end also.

The big unions were remain as were Momentum with its claimed 10,000 members (the Labour Representation Committee took a fudged position). And as with Corbyn’s election the grassroots of Labour were clearly remain, recognising a racist threat when they saw it.

A surge of new membership applications is taking place in Labour in anticipation of the coming battles. The antisemitism witch hunts await the Chakrabati inquiry report any day now, the Chilcott report is due in just over a week and the left in Labour is rallying.

Any analysis of the situation cannot remain as limited as this one as, although it is clearly thrusting in the right direction. Not just a defence of immigrants (a new anti racist movement?) but also a fight within and without Labour for local councils to make a stance against the cuts. And the TU bureaucracy to take industrial action against them.

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