The World Zionists Organization and State of Israel’s Myths of the ‘Promise Land’.

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14/06/2016 by socialistfight

Very interesting post. Don’t agree with it all but with a great deal of it.

Hear Alkebu-lan* Institute


 Photo from- British Revolution     Written by Luqman Temitayo Onikosi

It is frighteningly puzzling to watch Labour left pundits seriously struggling to articulate the differences between the Anti Zionism and Antisemitism, especially when ever they are given the stage on the mainstream media platforms to discuss the recent Ken Livingstone remarks.

I am wading in to the contention of the debate in question,  as regards the land grab in the Palestine, stolen from Palestinians the Word Zionist Organisation (WZO), because this land, could have easily been a territory of an African country, Uganda. The Ugandans could had been the victims of the violence of state of Israel. Perhaps, Africans and Africa history, would had even been even more distorted, far from what  we are now finding out that the Europeans and Americans had manipulated Africa and African people history for millennial to suit their imperial agendas.

It is quite distressing and the same time saddening…

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