Two arrested after refusing to take down Hezbollah flag at Palestine demo.

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24/01/2016 by socialistfight

We expected this incident to be a major point of conflict at the PSC AGM yesterday but it was almost totally ignored, with only one delegate mentioning it and no blame directed at the PSC leadership except in an implicit and obscure reference. of course the political point is that the PSC leadership see that Hezbollah is on the “wrong”, i.e anti-imperialist side on the civil war in Syria and so this flag offends the pro-imperialist ‘human rights’ (if you are on the right side) agenda of the petty bourgeois supporters. We will expand on this theme in our report on the PSC AGM.


Two men were arrested at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London on Saturday after they refused to take down a Hezbollah flag they had hoisted on a pole. Abbas Ali and Antonio Maniscalco were warned by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (which was one of the […]

Source: Two arrested after refusing to take down Hezbollah flag at Palestine demo

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