Trotsky and the Frankfurt School


03/01/2016 by socialistfight

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Helmut Dahmer
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October 1, 2015

Disrespect for a reality that demands adoration as if it were a god is the religion of those, who in today’s Europe under the ‘Iron Heel’ risk their life in order to prepare a future better one.

— Max Horkheimer, September 19391

Looking through the register of names in the writings and letters of the circle of friends around Max Horkheimer we find only rare references to Leon Trotsky. Theodor Adorno, for instance, who claims in his Aesthetic Theory (1969) that the ambitious art has been bourgeois art, remarks approvingly that Trotsky also had said in his book Literature and Revolution (1923/24) that (after the revolution) there would be no possibility for the development of any “proletarian” art, and that there would be produced a post-bourgeois art only in the future, after an international socialist society will have been established…

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One thought on “Trotsky and the Frankfurt School

  1. The Frankfurt school was profoundly anti-Marxist, presaging what is worst in today’s pseudo-leftism on campuses. For an introduction to what Marcuse was about, you should read his “Repressive Tolerance.” ( )

    [Marcuse’s program is that leftist academic elites should shamepeople into politically correct conduct: see “safe spaces” and “microagression.”]


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