End the Smears against Steve Kaczynski


06/07/2015 by socialistfight

International Campaign for Steve Kaczynski, including picket of the Turkish Embassy from 12 noon to 1 pm every Wednesday whilst he is held in the Turkish Prison:

Communist Explorations

The item below was originally published as a letter in the Weekly Worker (11 June).

It is not entirely clear at this point what Steve Kaczynski is accused of, if anything at all. He does not seem to have been charged, but is rather being held without charge by the Turkish government, which has put about claims that he is either an agent of British, or German, intelligence, or perhaps both.

There is much about this case that it is not possible to take a position on. It is not possible at this point to know what, if any, involvement he may or may not have had with any adventurist or guerillaist actions that may have been taken by the Turkish Guevarist group, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (or DHKP-C). However, the fact that the Turkish state (which is not actually ‘fascist’, notwithstanding the statement below) has not charged him, suggests…

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3 thoughts on “End the Smears against Steve Kaczynski

  1. Steve Kaczynski says:

    Hello. Thank you for your solidarity. I was released and deported on September 21 following a court hearing in Istanbul on September 18 and am currently in London.


  2. Steve Kaczynski says:

    Further to the earlier message – I was actually charged with DHKP-C membership, although the evidence presented in the indictment (which I finally saw on Aug. 28, nearly five months after I was jailed) was laughably slight. The “agent” stuff is par for the course in much of Turkey’s media where foreigners are concerned and reflects the state’s underlying xenophobia.
    I will probably write a detailed account of my arrest and prison experiences in the near future.


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