Iraq -For an Anti-imperialist United Front against another “revolution-made by the CIA”

21/05/2015 by socialistfight

The ISIS is another blow to justify the new imperialist offensive and the Balkanisation of Iraq For multiethnic militias of workers and oppressed peoples with no religious divisions in the Middle East to drive out imperialism and advance the struggle for a workers and peasants government. Statement by the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International July, 2014 The Geostrategy of decadent imperialist Always hidden, the main goal of US military adventures, in Afghanistan and in Iraq and all its other wars was to overcome the crisis of the capitalist system in the USA, to combat its falling rate of profit by seeking new areas of investment for its finance houses and their linked transnational corporations following ‘regime change’. A vital part of this strategy is to swell the coffers of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex), which produces all the military hardware. [1] Therefore, Afghanistan was invaded. So the myth was created of weapons of mass destruction held by Saddam Hussein. But, any imperialist State investment in destructive forces was not enough to contain the crisis of imperialism. These investments only increased the crisis of over-accumulation of capital, a crisis that accelerated the decline of the global system of domination of “Pax Americana”. In turn, imperialism expected recoup their investment in the war effort by draining Iraq of its resource; oil, natural gas (50 billion cubic meters of proven reserves) and the Afghan poppy (to feed the drug trafficking of opium and heroin worldwide, mainly the mafia of Calabria and Kosovo). The dialectical logic of “military Keynesianism” is: more investments in destructive forces, more possibilities of looting of strategic resources, which, in turn, allows more riches for the MIC; that is the logic of financing the forces of destruction. One of the promises that was made to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was that imperialism would expand the country’s oil production to 6 million barrels of oil per day. Up until then the daily production totalled 2.5 million barrels of oil per day, but all the dislocation and destruction imposed by recolonisation of the country by the US, to boot the Iraqis control of the oil, eventually reducing the daily production to 40% less than in the period of Saddam Hussein. [2] But in 2013, the production level was back up to 3 million barrels a day. “These increases inflated hopes that, after all, they would begin the reconstruction after the American invasion and occupation. With oil prices always close to $ 100 a barrel governmental income more than doubled, from about $ 50 billion in 2010 to more than $ 100 billion in 2013. “Up to “2011, much of that income was donated to buy US military equipment, including 18 F-16 jets, for $ 4 billion.” [3] This recovery boosted the Government figurehead, especially after the withdrawal of troops in 2011, giving it a relative political autonomy in relation to its creator, “diverting” smaller amounts of national income to the parasitism and escalating imperialist in favour of his own enrichment and, to a lesser extent, the reconstruction of the country, in mainly Shiite regions. The new offensive on Iraq is tied, more than ever, to maintaining control of Iraqi oil by the United States, especially now, when it has reached the peak of oil production on land, when the so-called “shale revolution” is proving to be a fallacy, bringing more pollution and lower profitability and duration to its capitalist backers. Also the consolidation of the block between China and Russia, to compete in the control of natural resources, including and especially the energy resources in the largest continental landmass on the planet, Eurasia. For all this, and the eventual defeat of imperialism in the war in Syria, is necessary to prevent the main ally of the Eurasian block in the Middle East, Iran, from controlling the Iraq. On the issue of declared political and geostrategic objectives, the adventures of Bush were a complete disaster. One of the main imperialist policy disasters in Iraq was the strengthening of Iran’s influence in the Arab country, following the defeat of Saddam Hussein’s Sunni Government. The corrupt, reactionary and truculent Government of Shiite Prime Minister, Al-Malik, a capitalist who became a populist dictator, urged on by the majority Shiite population, approached the US and Israel’s main rival in the Middle East, the Persian nation, whose government is also majority Shiite. [4] Bush’s “mission accomplished” banner was grist to the mill of his opponents. It backfired also in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. After the assassination of Bin Laden, the “mission accomplished” of Obama, the two Asian countries expanded their military and commercial relations with China. [5] After the withdrawal of US regular troops in 2011, Maliki threw the Deputy Prime Minister and Vice President out of his Government. These minority Sunni representatives, both political and military, were government turncoats from the time of Saddam Hussein, who served the interests of the United States and represented a counterweight to Iranian influence in the Iraqi State. The Vice President, Tariq al-Hashemi, who was accused of running death squads and secret prisons, escaped with the help of the United States and took refuge in Turkey, a member of NATO. He then went on to accuse Maliki of being a dictator worse than Saddam Hussein. In the Iraqi parliamentary elections on 30 April, Maliki’s Party, the Coalition for the rule of law, was further strengthened, and Maliki consolidated his position for a third term against the US wishes to yield to their preference for a “coalition government”. “The US had pressed Maliki to leave the Government. When the election favoured Maliki, other methods had to be introduced. Thus, the insurgency began and is now used as a pretext for the ‘regime change’.” [6] These other imperialist methods are neither legal nor democratic, from the point of view of conventional bourgeois domination up until then. Other methods have been applied in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. They have characterized the Obama administration, are the coups d’état, with excuse of “popular rebellion against bourgeois governments that, especially after the crisis of 2008, had been moving out of the orbit of the USA-EU and choosing to ally themselves with the Russian-Chinese centre. Maliki, like Saddam Hussein, Assad, Bin Laden, Yanukovich, Gaddafi and many others were at some point agents of imperialist policy, but, when they fell into disgrace, they were attacked. So it appears that the rhythms of the 21st century and the dynamic life of puppets are also really short. The so-called “Sunni rebellion”, the mercenaries of ISIS It is important to understand that this dispute is part of the recent so-called “Sunni insurgency in Iraq” headed by a dissident branch of Al Qaeda, the mercenary jihadist army, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, in English). ISIS was trained by instructors from the Pentagon, from 2012, in Jordan and Turkey, was well funded by the bourgeoisie of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Initially, the ISIS was aimed to overthrow the Government of Assad in Syria. But it became clear that without a massive intervention of the imperialist airpower (as occurred so successful in Libya), and because if Russia entered the conflict in favour of Damascus, it became impossible for the CIA mercenary troops to defeat the army of Assad. Already facing an irreversible defeat in Syria, and fearing to loss of all influence over Iraq to the capitalist powers block rivals, the US tried to pivot his Frankenstein jihadists from Syria to Iraq itself, in a lightning military campaign that extends from Aleppo in Syria to Mosul in Iraq and has already conquered all of the Mesopotamian Midwest. Julie Lévesque denounced that “the US sponsor terrorism in Iraq and the ‘Constructive Chaos’ in the Middle East” [7]On the same line and same site, Global Research Canada, Larry Chin, asserts that the US goal is “to destroy Iraq and redraw the map of the Middle East” (6/21/2014): “ISIS is the army of military intelligence of the (US) Empire in its war against Syria. There is evidence that point strongly to a deliberate withdrawal of US forces and Iraq, which allowed the ISIS took Mosul, Tikrit, Fallujah and, above all, take US weapons and equipment ‘ miraculously ‘ forgotten in large quantities, to be ‘ found ‘. The ISIS now controls the Baji oil refinery North of Baghdad, which gives the group a fuel source and profitable source of income.” [8] This advance has been made easy by the simple fact that much of the Iraqi army is understood to be controlled by the USA, and its tentacles from the Pentagon, Academi (formerly Blackwater), etc. It was not by chance that 50 thousand Iraqi soldiers deserted in the face of a military force a fifth its size. Richard Hasss, current President of the Council on Foreign Relations stated in the Financial Times that the Iraqi army in Mosul “melted” and this is an organization that was founded in 1921 by David Rockefeller and remains an essential part of the imperialist intelligentsia. And the “melting” of Iraq matters to imperialism so it can carry out the plan already submitted by vice President Joe Biden, to split the country into three parts: a Kurdish region; another Sunni region, a sort of United Arab Emirates or Qatar; and another Shiite south, the latter being the currency for a future dispute with the bourgeoisie of Iran. However it is a fact that the leader of the “people’s rebellion”, ISIS, are not so popular. The jihadists began their offensive with methods similar to those used by mercenaries who trounced Gaddafi [9] against the Shiite population and all the civil servants. They beheaded around a thousand people, mostly Iraqi soldiers, and not sparing even the garis (cleaning workers), or Shiite prisoners. But, in his later reported, after the bloody spectacles of the barbarous and terrifying, ISIS has been trying to get rid of its bad image by promising to abolish Israel and presenting themselves as the only ones capable of meeting the demands of all the oppressed of the region. This pro-Palestinian discourse serves to deceive only the unwary. As part of the geostrategic plan, which also has geostrategic potential of everything going wrong, the White House ruled out military intervention with ground troops to confront directly the “Sunni rebellion”, but assigned 275 soldiers to protect their mega-Embassy in Baghdad, and 300 “military advisers” to fill the halls of “new operation centres in Baghdad and Northern Iraq, to share intelligence and coordinate the planning for combating terrorist threat “. But, the “support” of the United States to the Government of Iraq is conditional upon the dissolution of the Government itself. The White House said that a US air intervention, with drones, against the ISIS, only occurs if Maliki dissolve his Government. Just like with Gaddafi, Assad, Yanukovich, all negotiation with the pro-imperialist opposition was preconditioned by the requirement of the overthrow of the old ruler who was an opponent of imperialism. It is also the case with Maliki. The Iraqi Prime Minister that before was presented as the “expression of the Westernization of Republican Iraqi politics”, in post-Saddam Hussein now became be “the main obstacle to ending religious sectarianism” against the transformation of Iraq into a “liberal democracy”, as we have seen in gestures by ISIS. As in Ukraine, where the imperialism had to appeal to fascism, in Iraq, balkanisation needs to appeal to bloody barbarism. The demand for the resignation of Maliki is further proof that imperialism is not AGAINST the Sunni rebellion “, but rather, is with the ISIS and for the balkanisation of Iraq. Maliki declared that he would not accept the draconian conditions imposed by former masters and continues to plead for US military aid: “A spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, said he will not resign as a condition of US air raids against Sunni militants who made a lightning advance across the country. The Foreign Minister of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, made a public appeal on al-Arabiya television for the US to launch attacks, but Barack Obama is under pressure from important American politicians to persuade Maliki, a Shiite Muslim who has pursued sectarian policies, to resign because they believe that the Iraqi leader has failed in the face of insurgency. Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said at a hearing on Wednesday that the Maliki government ‘ has to end if he want any reconciliation ‘, and Republican John McCain called for the use of US airpower, but also urged Obama to “make it clear to Maliki that his time is over.” [10] McCain is one of the godfathers of ISIS, as shown in the photo.[11] McCain and Republicans hawks sponsored and encouraged the jihadists in Syria before even though the terrorist group took control of the oil regions of the Damascus government. Once again, the left-wing organisations legitimize the sham of “revolutions-made by the CIA” While the revolutionary Marxism rests on analysis of international class struggle to decipher the tasks of the proletariat and their regional orientation a handful of left-wing organizations, groups that has been supporting the “revolutions-made by the CIA”, such as the CIT (LSR, the PSOL in Brazil) rush to embellish the “Sunni revolt”: “the ISIS offensive has features of a Sunni general uprising” and “was able to enter the political vacuum in the absence of a united workers movement to organise general opposition to Maliki” [12] The CMI (IMT in English, of which the British section is Socialist Appeal, the Esquerda Marxista operating within the PT in Brazil) goes further, ramp up the farce: “The fact is that, as we have seen, among the Sunni Arab population a revolt which has been prepared for some time. And it wasn’t just a revolt of the people in general that was being prepared, but several organized armed groups were involved. [13] Other international groups such as the CCR who are linked to the Austrian-based RCIT, (“Defend the Sunni rebellion against the regime of Maliki and US Imperialism!”); and Brazilian groups also fell in with the propaganda of the CIA, believing the ISIS are an anti-imperialist guerrillas. The LBI (Internationalist Bolshevik League (Liga Bolchevique Internacionalista), also fell for the propaganda and painted up the story of the “Sunni rebellion” with bright red colours. They prettify the ISIS as ‘internationalist’, and acclaim their military victory, whilst at the same time cowardly hiding that these mercenaries were manufactured, trained and sponsored by the CIA to overthrow the Syrian government. In Britain both the Socialist Party (CWI) and the Socialist Workers party (IST) have little of substance to say, merely reporting the events, denouncing them and saying things like, ‘only the working class can overcome sectarianism’. They have no strategic opposition to Imperialism whatsoever in their statements and do not see the moves as essentially against Iran, Russia and China. The Socialist party says: “The working people and poor of Iraq can only rely on self-organisation to end war and misery. An independent, united working class movement is needed to organise self-defence of all communities. With a socialist programme, such a movement could find many regional and international working class allies in its struggle to overthrow the rotten Maliki regime, to expel imperialism and to sweep away all the sectarian, reactionary politicians and militias. But the West has so far held back from air strikes.” [14] Similarly the SWP has penned an article devoid of any understanding of the geo-political strategy of US imperialism in the region: “US president Barack Obama has proposed funnelling nearly £300 million to arm rebels in Syria who are fighting Isis within the opposition forces. But any intervention by the West will only make the conflict in the region bloodier. The few remaining Syrian rebel groups have no interest in being used as pawns by the US, Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi regimes.” [15] However Workers Power (LFI) have acknowledged that they have problems. They supported the “revolutions” in Libya and Syria, these have turned out to be pro-imperialists proxy armies funded by the USA and its Gulf allies and now they are so confused that they have “mixed emotions”, ISIS are helping to overthrow Assad, and maybe Al-Maliki but it is becoming clear that this is the USA strategic goal too and the secular forces of the “revolution” in the Free Syrian Army are even more pro-imperialist than the jihadists. But they are advancing the “revolution” against Assad and isn’t that all to the good? : “Indeed for supporters of the Syrian revolution in Syria and in the region, the advance of ISIS will be met with extremely mixed emotions. In the very short term, it weakens Maliki’s Shi’a sectarian regime, which has allowed Iraq to be used as a base for supplying the Assad regime’s brutal war against the Syrian people. It also embarrasses Maliki’s Iranian sponsor, although this must be set against the fact that Iran now has a pretext for even more open interference in Iraq, which the USA is finding it difficult to provide an alternative to. In the medium and long term, however, it strengthens precisely those forces in Syria that a clear majority of Syria’s revolutionaries had resolved to purge and isolate, and whose sectarian and takfiri politics directly aid the Assad regime by pushing minority religious communities and secular forces to see it as a lesser evil to an ISIS caliphate. In fact Assad has cynically fomented sectarianism in order to divide the opposition to him.” [16] The Impressionists world left put an equals sign between two different situations and establish the same policy for both. Put an equal sign between the ISIS and the jihadist phalanx, which having been mercenary on Libya, turned against imperialism for their own self-interest in Benghazi, killing the US Ambassador and were later suppressed by French troops in the uprising in Mali. However, if the fundamentalist rebellion in Mali was a tragedy, the rebellion of ISIS in Iraq is a complete farce. For an anti-imperialist front with Assad, Hezbollah, Maliki, al-Sadr and Rouhani! While Maliki begs help from the imperialism that wants to oust him, Moqtada al-Sadr, the most popular guerrilla leader of the country, opposed the imperialist military aid against the ISIS: “the Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr announced on Wednesday (25th ), that it is opposed to the presence of US military advisers in Iraq, after the meeting of advisers with Iraqi military authorities. In televised remarks, broadcast on the Shiite Holy City of Najaf, Moqtada al-Sadr has assured that it will accept ‘ international support only from countries that have not occupied the Iraq ‘.” [17] Knowing what’s at stake, the oppressed nations threatened by this farce began to move. The Iraqi government received a little help from Assad who unleashed an air strike against the ISIS on 26 June: Iraqi Prime Minister says “he doesn’t have to ask for the action, but that ‘Cheers’ attack; Kerry warns about possible reinforcements from neighbouring countries. Syrian warplanes bombed positions of Sunni militants in Iraq, the Prime Minister of Iraq.”[18] His own Shi’a population began to move in the face of the impotence of his government. Other oppressed peoples and anti-imperialists guerrilla groups like Hezbollah, who truly imposed the first historical defeat Israel in 2006, and now helped Assad defeat the CIA mercenaries in Syria, presented themselves to fight in Iraq against the ISIS: “Thousands of Iranians have volunteered to defend Shiite shrines in Iraq. Iran is 90 percent Shiite, a group regarded as apostates by Isis and other Sunni extremists. The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said that the defence of Shiite holy sites in Najaf, Kerbala, Baghdad and Samarra is vital to his regime. The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said that, given the importance of the shrines of Iraq, the Lebanese group was ‘ willing to sacrifice five times what we sacrificed in Syria ‘, where its members, along with Iran, fought back against rebel groups that have tried for more than three years overthrow Bashar al-Assad.” [19] Without any trust in bourgeois revolutionaries Marxists who are guided by the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International call for an anti-imperialist united front with Assad, Hezbollah, Malik, Al-Sadr and Rouhani, this is the strategic political orientation which will result in the arming of all oppressed people against imperialism and its agents. The LCFI simultaneously condemns the politics of the bourgeois Governments and parties who betray the struggle for national liberation, who do not fight for the expulsion of imperialism and the destruction of the Nazi-Zionist enclave that is Israel. Their policies only make for new massacres and they are the minority partner and parasites of imperialism in the Middle East. For all this, it is necessary to proceed with the strategy of Permanent Revolution: the construction of the Bolshevik type parties, for the alternative of revolutionary workers’ power, and a government of workers and peasants throughout the region by building a Federation of Soviet Socialist Republics in the Middle East. Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] Financial Times, the links between Iran and Iraq strengthens [5] [6] [7] ( (6/19/2014). [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] Iraq-Jihadists Isis capture more territory, 6/24/2014, Niall Mulholland, CWI [13] [14] From The Socialist newspaper, 25 June 2014, Western hypocrisy as Iraq disintegrates, [15] UK SWP Tensions grow in Iraq as new Caliphate declared, by Judith Orr, [16] ISIS advance heralds redivision of imperialist order, By Dave Stockton and Marcus Halaby, July 11, 2014, [17] [18] [19]

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