Verdict of the Tower Hamlet’s Trial / Lutfur Rahman case

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23/04/2015 by socialistfight

A ruling class conspiracy implemented by a judge dripping in class and racist, Islamophobic bigotry. A real outrage against the poor and oppressed everywhere, how dare they find a champion to fight austerity in any way. All serious socialists must rally to the cause if Lutfur Rahman and Tower Hamlets!

Jen Izaakson

This is just a very quick write-up from court this morning:

Lutfur Rahman has been found guilty of corruption as he, in Judge Mawrey’s words, “used power to promote his community”, who are not (this relates to Muslims, not just Bengalis), a “real minority” in Tower Hamlets because they are so populous.

Judge says Rahman is guilty of bribery because he hired someone who is a TV reporter to be his advisor. At least it wasn’t the tango cans or lollipops.

Judge finds Lutfur was not a ‘credible witness’ (he didn’t believe him), but Tory councillor, Peter Golds, who is known to be a close friend of John Major, was a ‘credible witnesses’ (he did believe him).

Judge has found Lutfur guilty of ‘spiritual influence’ because the Chair of Tower Hamlets Mosque Committee supported Lutfur for Mayor.

An interesting point regarding case law – the last time ‘spiritual influence’ was…

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