► Kshama Sawant vs. Independent Organization – [WQ2.15.03.28]

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31/03/2015 by socialistfight

This is worth a serious read and response.

The War for Quadrant Two

Kshama Sawant – Vacillating Ally or Strategic Opponent ?

Activists who are working today to create independent political organization are faced with the task of understanding the two sides of social democracy:

(1) the good side–its role as a vacillating ally in the struggle for useful and necessary partial demands

(2) the not-so-good side–its role as a strategic opponent which promotes of illusions aimed at undermining the recognition of the need for organization which is not dependent on social democracy.

I am asking you to consider helping me out in putting together an article that explores in depth the nature of social democracy, as it has emerged in the current discussion and debate revolving around Kshama Sawant. My comrade Art Francisco and I are preparing to post this article to a larger forum–and we need independent and considered comments, questions and criticism of things we may need to address (or…

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