Report on AAA public meeting in Cork on 5 March 2015

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07/03/2015 by socialistfight

Good political report on the need to mobilise and not just get elected. Pleased the impression I got of Paul Murphy as having that dual strategy is reinforced. Stand for election to mobile the working class and base of the TUs against capitalism and their own bureaucratic misleaders.



Somewhere between 200 and 250 people attended the AAA event “Water, Protests, Elections- Building a New Movement for Working Class People” in Cork on Thursday 5 March 2015. The demographic was tilted towards the over-50s with only a sprinkling of younger faces there to hear Cork councillor Mick Barry and TDs Joe Higgins and Paul Murphy (all members of the SP). I distributed just over 100 copies of the IBT leaflet “No payment! No meters! Abolish the water charges!” at the meeting which saw the AAA gain a good number of new recruits.

Mick and Joe’s presentations overwhelmingly emphasised the electoral side to the AAA’s perspective and were enthusiastic about the potential for electing AAA and other anti-austerity candidates to the Dáil. Paul gave a more rounded presentation about the need to replace capitalism as a system and repeatedly linking this to working class organisation outside the structures of capitalist…

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