Football is riddled with men who despise women

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11/01/2015 by socialistfight

Very serious and very corect political line on Chad Evans. Excellent stuff!

Here is blog

Every time I try to write about this, events supersede me, or I get so upset and disheartened that I can’t bring myself to complete the article.

But today, after another week where a convicted rapist’s rights have been at the centre of debate while his victim’s have been ignored once again, I really must observe that the most notable and striking thing has been just quite how much some men disbelieve, disrespect and flat-out dislike women.

And what’s more notable and striking is the way so many of these men share a career or a fandom in football.

They shout down women’s opinions, as if they are worthless. (They disregard their testimony in court, as if women’s evidence is not to be trusted.)

They threaten women with physical and sexual violence for having the temerity to have their own views.

And they expect other men to stay within this…

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