Serious Concerns about the PCS Union.

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05/01/2015 by socialistfight

Very important development in PSC union. The fruits of the left bureaucracy’s cowardice in the face of the government austerity onslaught. The union is basically bankrupt, having lost so many members and having lost the check off facility.

Never was there a stronger case for a rank and file fightback and we are pleased to say this is underway.

However, whilst the three SWP members on the Executive voted against the Socialist Party continued to deepen its grovel to Serwotka and chose the bureaucratic road against that of the class struggle.

They should be exposed and condemned for it in the whole Labour movement.

Tendance Coatesy

Martin Boyd, a supporter of Socialist Resistance who is active in the PCS union, shares his concerns about what’s happening in it.

I re-post this because it of great importance.

Socialist Resistance.

For quite some time rumours and queries about the state of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) finances have been in the public domain. It appeared that the financial crisis within the union might be the reason for the desire to merge with Unite.

However, despite the fact that in early December after the usual National Executive Committee (NEC), that we were told took bold financial measures including agreeing the sale of the union HQ, would provide financial stability in the short and medium term.

An emergency NEC meeting was called within a matter of days after the NEC and how did we find out about this emergency meeting

  • By “rumour”.
  • Being a trusted mate of someone on…

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