Socialist Fight NATO Summit Statement

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29/08/2014 by socialistfight

NATO Summit Statement by Socialist Fight, British section of the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International on NATO aggression and the crisis in Ukraine 30 August 2014



The real rulers of Kiev; Cain the warmonger prowls the planet pushing the Pentagon’s war agenda, from Libya to Syria to Iraq and Uhraine he is seen organising wars for US finance capital

The working class of Eastern Ukraine are resisting heroically the violent onslaught of artillery, mortars and missiles unleashed by the Ukrainian army and the fascist gangs in an attempt to save their country from an ultra-nationalist, fascist leaning puppet government of the US/EU/IMF. American imperialism and its allies Britain, Germany and France have helped orchestrate the bloody events which have unfolded in the Ukraine throughout this year.

Imperialism cannot exist without war; 100 years ago the imperialist rivalries culminated in the First World War and the slaughter of millions mainly, of course, the working class. The leaders of the European labour and socialist movement united not with the working class in whose interests they claimed to fight for but with the ruling class of their respective imperialist states, the result was millions of people destroyed in the first mechanised war.

The working class, despite its leadership, showed heroic resistance to imperialism and a new revolutionary leadership emerged in Russia and Germany in particular as the war came to an end. Now a century later imperialism still has no way out of its internal contradictions, all it offers the working class is austerity, war and fascism.

This time, however, it is not the imperialists who fight each other; US imperialism is so powerful through the domination of world trade through the dollar that the smaller imperialists of Britain, France, Germany and Japan line up to defend US interests through various alliances such as NATO and the Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Imperialism now targets the developing semi-oppressed and semi-colonial nations, chief among these nations are Russia and China which the US can no longer tolerate especially as these nations along with the other BRICS nations threaten the supremacy of the dollar. The CIA has already created civil conflicts in Libya and Syria to spread its domination and supported ruthless military dictatorship of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi n Egypt that overthrew Muslim Brotherhood supporter Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013, the first democratically elected head of state in Egyptian history.

Now the turn is to the Ukraine as an important stepping stone to Russia and Eurasia and the vast resources of this region. The Maiden movement which was predominantly middle class and lumpen received open support from the US and at their behest toppled the elected if corrupt government of Yanukovych.

The result was a coalition government installed in Kiev of ultra-national chauvinists and fascists which sought close economic deals with the EU and the IMF to pave the way for EU membership and no doubt membership of NATO. The Svoboda party which is prominent in the government is a direct descendent of the wartime Nazi Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists led by Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. There has been a groundswell of opposition from the working class in the east of Ukraine to this imperialist coup.

The east is heavily industrialised and many speak Russian or a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian, they know that Svoboda wants them physically exterminated. Within days this government attempted to ban the use of minority languages. The working class of the east also understood that the IMF and EU deals would lead to privatisation, de-industrialisation, and slashing of welfare, they have to look no further than Greece to see the results, they knew that they had no choice but to resist first in Crimea then in Odessa, Donetsk and Luhgansk.

The Kiev government and the oligarchs who back it have wasted no time in creating a fascist based ‘National Guard’ to supplement the military operations of the Ukrainian army. These fascist gangs predominantly of the Right Sector have terrorised the organised working class, torturing and murdering revolutionary socialists and committing the terrible mass murder of anti-fascists in Odessa at the House of Trade Unions on the 2nd May, the anniversary of Hitler’s storm troopers attacking the German trade union headquarters in Berlin in 1933.

Kiev has now begun the process of banning the Communist Party of Ukraine, which has a following of some two million people. There can be no clearer indication of the fascist leanings which the regime is employing which is a tool of US finance capital.

The Western media has been quick to present this resistance as Russian ‘aggression’ especially as Russia was forced to re-incorporate Crimea into its territory. This was a defensive measure and not a parallel to Hitler’s annexing of Austria and then the Sudetenland in 1938. Russia has a naval base in Crimea, and the strategic military significance of Crimea had not gone unnoticed by the Pentagon who sought to take control of the peninsula once Ukraine had been sucked into NATO.

Russia acted first in order to prevent the further threat to its sovereignty and to protect the majority Russian population from a hostile Kiev. It is in fact the United States and the countries of the North Atlantic bloc who parallel the aggressive expansion of the Third Reich and the Axis powers. Since the beginning of the 21st century the US and NATO have meted out war and ‘regime change’ to any nation which would not allow economic and political domination by the interests of finance capital, which is now culminating in the military encroachment on Russian territory from the Baltic to the Black Sea and cornering the Peoples’ Republic of China in the Pacific.

Emboldened by imperialism and aggressive threats from NATO toward Russia, Ukrainian President Poroshenko has seen to it that there is no let-up in military attacks on the cities which resist the IMF government in Kiev. The mysterious downing of Malaysian flight MH17 has been used as a further pretext by the US and EU to impose sanctions upon Russia which are beginning to create economic hardships in Europe and will lead to growing resistance already shown by EU farmers. The chief representative of the EU ruling classes, Germany’s Angela Merkel, in a meeting with the dictatorial and Nazi praising Poroshenko, stressed there was to be no reversal of sanctions on Russia unless they cave in to imperialism.


The US and NATO now believe it can launch a pre-emptive strike against Russia or China and win, they now mass thousands of troops in Eastern and Central Europe, station combat-ready nuclear bombers in the Baltic and the Balkans and dominate the worlds seas with aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.

The Third World War is already upon us, the slightest miscalculation could see Europe and possibly the world engulfed in the flames of nuclear war. Only the working class can prevent the extinction of our species and build a socialist society of peace and cooperation. Now at this crucial moment in history the existing leadership of the working class betrays us yet again as in 1914.

We must organise our class to call on the leaders of the labour movement to support the resistance to fascism in the Ukraine and this means forming an Anti-Imperialist United Front with the semi oppressed nations under threat from imperialism, foremost in this crisis Syria and Russia. Workers in Ukraine fighting fascism and imperialism have the same common interest in its defeat as does the Russian ruling class, the working class will be firing in the same direction against the same enemy.

This does not mean that we call for the political subordination of the class conscious workers to the Russian capitalists but that they march separately and fight together. Indeed no capitalist class can be trusted, we have already seen Putin try to accommodate to US and German imperialism with no results to show except the deepening humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ukraine and the further demonization of himself and Russia by the Western media.

The US is the foremost enemy of the world working class, oligarchs such as Putin are only secondary enemies, many on the left and the labour movement present them as equal or worse enemies of the working class lumping them all together and refuse to take a principled stand for the defeat of imperialism, thereby exposing themselves as liberals and not revolutionaries.

The struggle against imperialism and the struggle for socialist revolution require the working class to form a temporary alliance with the forces fighting US finance capital which dominates the planet. We also must recognise the need to form temporary alliances with the current mass workers organisations despite their pro-capitalist leadership and place demands on them which attack the basis of the rule of finance capital.

The mass movement and support of ‘Stop the War’ campaign against the second Gulf War in 2003 was betrayed by its leadership as no serious attempt was made to challenge capitalism and the state. If NATO and imperialism are to be defeated we need to build a mass movement to place demands on the leaders of the labour movement which challenge capitalism through occupations, strikes, mass demonstrations and demanding the nationalisation of the banks, finance houses and control of foreign trade.

We must build moral and material solidarity with the working class of Eastern Ukraine struggling against fascism and imperialism of the IMF and with the government forces in Syria who also fight against the stooges of imperialism which also include ISIS now dangerously out of control of their American masters and demand British withdrawal from NATO.

Ultimately we must expose the treacherous role of the working class leadership and forge a new revolutionary leadership capable of overthrowing US dominated world capitalism. Socialist Fight as a section of the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International fights for the reconstruction of the Fourth International, World Party of Socialist Revolution.

  • Stop NATO imperialism! No to Third World War!
  • Freedom and self-determination for the Donbass!
  • Solidarity with the resistance to Poroshenko’s terror!
  • For an Anti-Imperialist United Front with all forces fighting global imperialism!
  • Britain out of NATO!
  • Withdraw troops from countries occupied by US/NATO!


The BBC would elaborate on the nature of militias like “Azov,” who are undoubtedly the recipients of US, British, and other NATO member states’ aid, cash, and political support, in its article, “Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden.” In it, it profiles a member of Azov Battalion, Mikael Skillt, and states:

“I have at least three purposes in the Azov Battalion: I am a commander of a small reconnaissance unit, I am also a sniper, and sometimes I work as a special coordinator for clearing houses and going into civilian areas.”

As to his political views, Mr Skillt prefers to call himself a nationalist, but in fact his views are typical of a neo-Nazi.

Dismissed by the West as “Russian propaganda,” it is clear that even the most “Western” media outlets cannot report on the Ukrainian conflict without coming across literal Nazis fighting for Kiev and operating in “civilian areas” in eastern Ukraine. The BBC would admit the Azov Battalion is far from a fringe group and was raised by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry itself. When NATO members announce “aid” to the regime in Kiev, they are also, by default, announcing aid to literal Neo-Nazi militant groups raised by Kiev’s Interior Ministry, like the Azov Battalion.

NATO Baiting Russia into War

Why the Pentagon believes its missile defences could enable it to fight and win a nuclear war with “Iran”; read Russia and China.


The Pentagon’s Strategy for World Domination:

Full Spectrum Dominance, from Asia to Africa

By Bruce Gagnon, Global Research, August 25, 2014

Current US military space policy is primarily geared toward two countries, China and Russia.

In May 2000 the Washington Post published an article called “For Pentagon, Asia Moving to Forefront.” The article stated that, “The Pentagon is looking at Asia as the most likely arena for future military conflict, or at least competition.” The article said the US would double its military presence in the region and essentially attempt to manage China.

The Pentagon’s missile system.

The Pentagon has become the primary resource extraction service for corporate capital. Whether it is Caspian Sea oil and natural gas, rare earth minerals found in Africa, Libya’s oil deposits, or Venezuelan oil, the US’s increasingly high-tech military is on the case.

President Obama’s former National Security Adviser, Gen. James Jones had previously served as the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. In 2006, Gen. Jones told the media,

“NATO is developing a special plan to safeguard oil and gas fields in the [Caspian Sea] region…. Our strategic goal is to expand to Eastern Europe and Africa.”

In a past quadrennial National Intelligence Strategy report, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair claimed that Russia “may continue to seek avenues for reasserting power and influence in ways that complicate U.S. interests…[and] China competes for the same resources the United States needs, and is in the process of rapidly modernizing its military.”

Using NATO as a military tool, the US is now surrounding Russia and easily dragged the supposedly European-based alliance into the Afghanistan war and Libya attack. The US is turning NATO into a global military alliance, even to be used in the Asian-Pacific region.



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