Dear Minister Humphries

Originally posted on rebelbreeze:
Diarmuid Breatnach Dear Minister Humphries, I write to express my admiration for your work and my sympathies with regard to the criticisms with which you are currently being bombarded. I hope you will forgive my ignorance of much of the work you have been doing in the area of Heritage, which…

Time for change

Originally posted on Unite Scottish Rank and File:
The election of Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour Party, has been like a logjam that has been removed which has allowed and facilitated a better flow of progressive views and thoughts, with socialism suddenly becoming in vogue. The Labour Party appears to turning itself from being only…

On the Shanghai Peoples Commune of 1967

This image does not have Mao as hero Musings on a Facebook discussion 18-11-15. And some serious comments on this posting below. Comrade  Ollie JC  has put great emphasis on the The Shanghai Commune of 1967 as the high point of the Cultural Revolution. We might question why the Paris Commune of 1871 was the […]

Le Massacre de Paris: L’impérialisme récolte ce qu’il a semé 17-11-2015

L’agression de l’impérialisme français et mondial contre l’Afghanistan, le Moyen-Orient et l’Afrique du Nord portent la responsabilité ultime du massacre de Paris. Socialist Fight condamne fermement l’acte terroriste barbare effectué le vendredi 13 Novembre à Paris, qui a laissé environ 130 morts, et autour de 300 blessés, 80 en état critique. Ces massacres sont venus […]

Who shot Michael Collins and why?

By Gerry Downing: A posting of a Michael Collins photo on Facebook prompted a huge debate (as it always does). This is my contribution: Well, the question in the Treaty and the Civil War was, what was Ireland’s relations going to be when the war was over? Britain had defeated the Boers in South Africa […]