The Morning Star and Denis Healey

Obituary comment by Gerry Downing Healey’s 1945 election poster; genuinely moved by socialist ideals like many of his post-war  generation at the time. Denis Healey died on 3 October aged 98, “the greatest leader the Labour party never had” they all tell us. Leaders of the British establishment paid him fulsome tribute. The Morning Star […]

Trade Union Bill

Originally posted on Unite Scottish Rank and File:
It has been well documented in recent months that the Trade Union bill is the biggest attack on trade union members since the dark days of Thatcher. An ideological and vicious attempt to suppress the workers of this country from defending themselves from the excesses of capitalism,…

The Challenges of Russian Imperialism Today ?

Originally posted on Ukraine solidarity campaign солідарність України кампанія:
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign supporters participated in a successful conference organised by Socialist Resistance on ‘Imperialism, Globalisation And Climate Change’ on 26th September where Professor Marko Bojcun spoke on the question of Russian Imperialism today. Also speaking at this session of the conference was the French socialist Catherine Samary on…

UK – Trade union Labour party link

Originally posted on truthOftimes:
It is with great interest that the broad labour movement must follow the ongoing events concerning the future of the link between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions, for, underneath the masks of Party democracy and workers representation the leading protagonists are wearing on the stage of this farcical play,…


Socialist Labour Brighton Conference Bulletin 2015 By Graham Durham, Brent Central CLP, Unite the Union shop steward and Editor Socialist Labour THERE HAS BEEN no greater hypocrisy than the attempt by the BBC to ignore #piggate and the crisis of the Tories whilst continuing to spread stories of disunity in the Parliamentary Labour Party. Jeremy […]

My resignation from the CWI.

Originally posted on Market Town Marxist:
For approximately 4 years I have been an active and committed member of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), an international “revolutionary” Trotskyist organisation, represented in England and Wales by the Socialist Party. When I first joined I was full of enthusiasm for the party. So much so in…

God Save the Queen: Corbyn versus the State

So the republican, atheist Leader of – irony on the way – Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition didn’t sing the national anthem. Oh very dear. Really, this should have been as controversial as discovering David Cameron dislikes income tax and poor people. Colour us surprised indeed. Reactions were to be expected. It was “disrespectful”, it “hurt…