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socialistfight:The pro-imperialist Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is still about its filthy work. The principled Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine needs to monitor and constantly rebut their fascists blind apologies in defence of global finance capital. Originally posted on Ukraine solidarity campaign солідарність України кампанія: View original

Le marxisme et la guerre au Donbass

Par Victor Shapinov 29/08/2015 Translated into English by Greg Butterfield  et traduction française par Yao Wenyan Please copy on French websites Borotba est souvent critiqué pour soutenir les républiques populaires du Donbass, par le fait que nos camarades se battent dans la milice et aident à l’édification pacifique de la nation au Lougansk (LC) et […]

Global Migration and Imperialist plunder

By Frank Conroy Rohingya migrants on a boat drifting in Thai waters off the southern island of Koh Lipe in the Andaman sea on 14/5/2015. Some comrades claim that WWIII has already begun. Certainly there are more refugees today than at any time since WWII, over 50 million in ever increasing areas of conflicts. There […]

Marxism and the war in Donbass

By Victor Shapinov Translated by Greg Butterfield  Borotba is often criticized for supporting the Donbass people’s republics, for the fact that our comrades fight in the militia and assist the peaceful nation-building in Lugansk (LC) and Donetsk (DNR). This criticism is heard not only from those former leftists who succumbed to nationalist fervor and supported […]

Albanian terrorists as official NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo members – photo evidence

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Remember watching ancient Orthodox Christian monasteries in flames in Kosovo dozen times. Old, noble constructions, spiritual and historical testimonies of past times. I also remember that majority of Orthodox Christian monasteries, churches and relics has been attacked and destroyed after NATO forces (officially: KFOR) took full control of…

Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene

This post is in reply to two sessions of the Communist University 2015, one which claimed that the USSR under Stalin was never a workers’ state and the other that the selfish gene theory popularised by Richard Dawkins was absolutely correct and ‘Marxism’. I think not! Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene The main issue […]