Albanian terrorists as official NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo members – photo evidence

Originally posted on There Must be Justice:
Remember watching ancient Orthodox Christian monasteries in flames in Kosovo dozen times. Old, noble constructions, spiritual and historical testimonies of past times. I also remember that majority of Orthodox Christian monasteries, churches and relics has been attacked and destroyed after NATO forces (officially: KFOR) took full control of…

Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene

This post is in reply to two sessions of the Communist University 2015, one which claimed that the USSR under Stalin was never a workers’ state and the other that the selfish gene theory popularised by Richard Dawkins was absolutely correct and ‘Marxism’. I think not! Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene The main issue […]

Why Marxists must address the Jewish Question concretely today

“The Jewish bourgeois were exceptionally well-suited for capitalist success because the social role of Jews as commodity-traders, and later money-traders and lenders: a ‘people-class’ in the phrase of Abram Leon, the great Belgian-Jewish Marxist theorist of the Jewish question, in medieval Europe prior to the emergence of capitalism, gave them the cultural advantage of a […]

Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene

Workers’ States and the Selfish Gene Controversial issues at the CPGB’s Communist University By Gerry Downing The main issue that runs through my differences with the political line of the CPGB as developed at this 2015 Communist University is philosophical idealism vs. dialectical materialism. On the class nature of the former USSR I attempted to […]